Finding Emergency Dentist Clinic In USA

12. May 2017 Dentist 0

I live in beautiful New York, NY since I was 5 years old. We used to live in Hong Kong, and my family moved to Surrey when I was five because my dad and mom decided that Hong Kong is just too crazy, and they feel that it is the time we all live in a place that is quiet, slower pace and with a lot of greens.  Surrey is perfect.  It is not crowded and the place has plenty of open space that is filled with mountains, trees, and flowers.  A perfect place for residence and kids.


Surrey is a great place to live in.  It has everything that we want…except perhaps that it is not easy to find Surrey dentist that are willing to work during weekends and holidays.  When everything is good their presence is not felt.  It is only when you have a severe toothache or a swollen gum that you wish that the dental clinic is open now.  And you wish that the dental clinic is just next to where you live.  You will also wish that there are good dentists just near you and help you with relieving the pain.  In Surrey, BC, it is not easy to find doctors and dentists, in particular, those that are willing to work late at night, or at weekend.  So if you have a bad toothache, you just have to bear with it till it is a working day again.  It is hard to endure the pain.  Back in Hong Kong, we did not have this problem.  There are plenty of doctors and dentists that are on 24 hours duty and they will gladly come to your house to treat you.  You just only have to give them a phone call and they will be right at your place usually within an hour.  This is the biggest difference between the 2 places. But I guess it is not fair to compare 2 as both places have a different way of life.

Emergency Dentist

The other night, at about 11 pm I have a severe toothache.  It was hurting badly and I was rolling over the floor.  I took some painkillers but it does not work. The painkillers were not able to get rid of the pain.  I took quite a few of the tables and my family has to stop me because they were afraid I get an overdose.  The pain was very bad.  I needed to see a dentist immediately.  I quickly drove out to the nearby clinic I know of but none of them were opened.  I then went online and try to find a dental clinic that was opened.  The internet came back with a very long list of clinics and I have no idea which is open and which accepts patients without any appointment. I was desperate.  This is the time when you need to find a dentist in New York, NY quickly and you are not able to.  I was mad.

Thankfully, I came across this site and it lists down a verified list of emergency dentist surrey.  After a quick search, the web site narrow down to a few of the dentist that might be able to help.  Luckily I was able to find a South Surrey dentist that is willing to come to my aid at that hour.  I called up the dentist and within an hour he reached my home.  He gave me an injection and some oral medication.  That literally save my life.  The pain was gone.  But the dentist said this is only temporary.  I still need to get to the clinic and seek medical help the next day.